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Create Your Own Personalized Postage
& Stamps

We make it easy for you to create personalized postage. Just follow the three steps described
below to create your own customized postage

You can try our online tools or download our free software for Windows or Mac computers. These tools let you preview your postage design for free --You’ll only pay if you decide to place an order for actual sheets of postage.

Just click the Try It Now button to get started with these easy steps:
Finger painting girl
Step One Choose a photo, logo or graphic
Step Two Edit and adjust your picture
(using our online tool or free postage design software)
Step Three Select the postage amount and quantity

We review all pictures and logos to make sure they meet U.S. Postal Service guidelines. Once approved, we will charge your credit card, create your personalized postage sheets, and send them to you by mail.

PictureItPostage is printed on 1 7/16" x 2 1/4" self adhesive labels. Each pack contains 20 PictureItPostage Stamps.

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Picture It Postage Get Started

Stamp packs 1 - 20

PictureItPostage Stamps are
2 1/4" x 1 7/16"

PictureItPostage Stamps are
1 7/16" x 2 1/4"

PictureItPostage is printed on
8 1/2" x 11" sheets. Each sheet
has 2 sets of 10 self adhesive
custom stamps for 20 mailings.
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Creativity is the stamp of an ingenious mind; show off your creativity by turning your favorite baby photo, pet photo or treasured wedding picture into personalized postage that’s as unique as you are.
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